Who are we?

備中傳 竹内流 古武道 龍風會


Ann Arbor Bittyūden Takeuchi Ryū Kobudō Ryūfukai


“Bittyū Transmission Takeuchi School Classical Martial Way Dragon Wind Association”

Who can train?

Nearly anyone can train in the school. Naturally one would want to consult one’s physician before taking up any athletic or physical study, but many people practice the Takeuchi Ryū well into old age because of the health benefits, flexibility & strength training, self-defense technique, comprehensiveness, and sophistication of the art. Surely there is much to be learned and something for everyone who seeks to know more about the school and its art. While the training is not for everyone, it can provide a lifetime of enjoyment, rigor, and fascination for those who are seeking something well beyond the pale of what modern sport activities today may offer.

Why would one want to train?

As a comprehensive martial art, the school affords one with nearly every conceivable martial endeavor known to pre-modern people. Its training is rich in technique, history, philosophy, religion, spirituality, ethical, strategic, tactical, medical, hygienic, and self-defense applications. There is literally no end to the study. One might say that a single lifetime is not long enough to learn the art, BUT it is worth every effort or endeavor a student of its ways might make to learn such an art as Takeuchi Ryū. Truly, the art is an intense, comprehensive, and profound study for anyone who puts sincere time and effort into such an endeavor.

What is Takeuchi Ryū?

The Takeuchi Ryū is one of the oldest Jūjutsu Schools still in existence from the feudal era in Japan.  Originally a comprehensive battlefield martial art, founded in 1532 A.D. by the general Takeuchi Hisamori, the art retains much of roots in that feudal era. The Takeuchi Ryū is recognized as one of the historical antecedents of modern Kōdōkan Jūdō and is the acknowledged ancestor of over 400 Jūjutsu schools.  Today, the Bittyūden Takeuchi Ryū’s purpose is to share the history, technique, and art of a bygone age with people interested in Japanese art and culture throughout the world.  Often billed by martial art aficionados as a Jū-Ken-Bō System: it trains principally in the following arts of Jūjutsu (Grappling & Wrestling Arts), Kenjutsu (Sword Arts), and Bōjutsu (Staff Arts) among many others. {The school itself would include another important weapon called the Kogusoku (Small Tool [of about a] Foot), often transcribed into English as a “dagger, dirk, or short sword,” as its benchmark or signature weapon and from which many other techniques of the school descend.} Sometimes martial art historians remark that the ONLY arts NOT trained in the Takeuchi Ryū include Horses, Firearms, Bows & Arrows, and Swimming.  Furthermore, it is also remarked that the Takeuchi Ryū has the largest codified martial curriculum of any of the classical schools still existing in Japan. Whatever the case, a student is NEVER left wanting for more to do in one’s training in the art. Some of the major categories include a dozen types of jūjutsu and nearly two-dozen long, short, and medium size martial weapons.

When is the training?

Generally we train Saturdays 10AM-12PM but please check the schedule page for the most up to date listings of class times, additions or cancellations.

Where is the training?

During spring, summer, and autumn months we train at the Greenview Nature Area, located near the corner of Greenview and Scio Church in Ann Arbor. During the winter, the school trains at an indoor art studio.  The transition from outdoor training to indoor training will be listed on the schedule page as well as changes made in the case of inclement weather.